You're here for a reason

You want to know if there's a way to Get Stronger, Eat Better, Increase Energy Levels and Establish an Unbreakable Mindset....

There IS

There's a fire inside all of us that can't be extinguished...

You put yourself in harms way everyday when you walk through out the door, why shouldn't you be in the best shape of your life? You are too important to be out due to injury or worse.

I've been down that road... I came home from Afghanistan and left the Army injured and without a path, a bunch of failed attempts at a "career" and a "house cat" attitude that came along with it. With a comfy job and a kid, I just didn't have the time to train anymore... 

Here's the PROBLEM

We're not house cats, we're LIONS!!!

I've developed a 12 week training program that works, from my own experience. I know this is hard, you have very little time and you need to look after your family,  work all day, go to school, the list never ends. I know, the feeling of doing a "workout" after stomping on the gas all day, bringing my kid to and from daycare, making dinner, fixing the fence, just isn't in the cards; ain't nobody got time for that! Here's why the 12 Week HRD2KILL program is so unique...

Here's What People Are Saying...

The truth is, we feel bad about not training because we know there is enough time in the day but we just lack the motivation....Now imagine a training system that identifies your goals, intelligently builds workouts for you and keeps you accountable within a supportive, like minded group of hard-chargers like yourself? That's the HRD2KILL Training System.

Here's what you'll experience:

  • 12 weeks of effective, intelligent, joint-healthy workouts to help you move like an expert athlete, gain muscle, and lose fat.

  • A step-by-step plan

  • The FPT nutrition program – that yields incredible results.

  • The Quick Start Nutrition Guide. 

  • Cardio programming for strong people.

  • Video Demonstrations of EVERY exercise.

  • Coaching cues.

  • Access to our private Facebook group.

  • Weekly group calls.

  • Honest feedback sessions and surveys to develop and maintain habits that will keep you alive and prevent injuries.

  • The confidence of knowing that strong people are HRD2KILL.

Get Stronger, Eat Better, Increase Energy Levels and Establish an Unbreakable Mindset....

Results guaranteed

ALL this for $597 USD

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